Numbers Day

We have had an amazing day so far! We have played lots of fun games such as ‘Count round and sit down’ counting forwards in 10s. Maida was the winner of the game, well done!


We also made fantastic numbers hats, the children could chose which numbers they wanted to use. We then sequenced the random numbers from smallest to largest!





The children played lots of games too, for some of the games they changed the rules and made them more interesting.






Anti bullying week


This week we have been discussing  the theme of ‘What it may mean to be bullied’ in class. We have looked at different scenarios of how characters may feel, and what the ‘Right choices’ would be. We have thought about’ The magic me’ idea where we can change events in life and make things better for ourselves and for other people.

Tomorrow we are going to design posters to advertise ‘What a good friend would look like.’ The class are going to work in partners, and think about the characteristics of what makes a good friend, watch out for our posters around our class!!

bullying image


Thankyou to everyone for their fantastic support on Friday, many thanks to the parents who kindly donated money and made cakes for ‘Children in Need.’ All the children had a fabulous day getting involved in the activities.


We will find out our whole school grand total tomorrow!

Marvellous practical maths

We have had a great session today. The children have taken part in a range of practical tasks finding out about ‘Halves and quarters’ of everyday objects. We discussed how an apple, for example is ‘one whole’, we then cut the apple in half, and that ‘2 halves make a whole.’


The children then repeated the activity using carrots, bananas and breadsticks, it was great fun!


We even learnt the sign language for ‘half’ and quarter’, Mrs Hall taught us the actions, and it helped our learning.


And then at the end of the lesson we had a yummy time eating all the healthy food 🙂