Homework 6th May instruction writing

Challenge- Can you write fabulous instructions on ‘How to make a cup of tea’? Remember to start each instruction on a new line, and number each point. Also remember to use words such as first, next, after that, then, finally.

Please send your replies in by Friday, you can either post your answers on the blog or bring your writing in.


3 thoughts on “Homework 6th May instruction writing

  1. First you need to get a cup
    Next you warm the kettle or boil
    After that you poor the water in the kettle
    Then you put the teabag in and poor the milk in
    Finally you mix it and take the teabag out with a spoon and have a nice cup of tea
    By Sumayyah

  2. miss tweddy i have made it and it taste nice i also did it with my mum she boiled the kettle because it is dangerous to do it by my self

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